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Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (September 4, 2015)

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National Geographic REACH

This week we focused on parts of a poem. We discussed lines, stanzas, expressive language, and word meaning. Students also read in small group with Mrs. Grant where they practiced fluency, described characters actions and how it effects the story, and discussed the theme of their story in a book club setting. Our books this week were based on true stories of bravery and kindness. We will take a reading assessment on Tuesday which will guide my small group instruction for the following week.

Unit of Study

This week we focused on sharing stories with others using the 4 step approach. We discussed that good readers take 4 big steps through a story, only thinking and sharing important events. We learned a handy dandy way of recounting stories by learning this guide (Somebody Wanted To But So) This guide is helpful to recount (summarize) a story efficiently. We also practiced having good discussions with our reading partner and focused on 'acknowledging our partner's comments' with a response. This will be a big skill this year as we focus on our Speaking and Listening standards, in addition to working productively within a group. We will start our 2nd unit of study next week -Following Characters into Meaning.

How Can you Support at Home

If needed, please start holding your child accountable for their just right chapter book reading. We have discussed at great length that good readers stick with a book to the end. If you find that your child has a 'new' book every other day, please have a conversation with them.

Math-We will start this shortened week off with lesson 1-11 and will continue through lesson 1-13. The topics covered in these lessons will include solving problems with dollars and cents, number patterns with frames and arrows, and elapsed time. There will be xtra math homework this week as well as home links. We will take our unit one math test on Friday or Monday depending on how far we get this week.

Science-We’ve completed the first eleven pages in our Science workbook. We’ve introduced the scientific method and are nearing our first science experiment. The kids will make a paper airplane and see how far they can fly it. They will then change one variable (weight or type of paper) to see if they can make it fly farther. We will most likely make our airplanes on Friday and do our experiment next week. We’ve focused on seven main science words the past few weeks. These words are: observe, infer, predict, investigation, hypothesis, experiment, and variable. These words are all written down in our science notebooks. The kids will document their paper airplane experiment in their science notebooks.

Language/Grammar- This week we worked on forming verb tenses and this proved tricky for some. Please check out their Core Card on Tuesday and try to reinforce at home if needed.

Word Study - We completed our first sort and they did an awesome job!! Their sort and words 'check in' (assessment) came home last week. I was so proud of their organizational skills and effort with their words practice.

Writing- This week we began our Personal Narrative writing unit of study and kicked it off by writing a 'cold write' so Mrs. Grant can assess our biggest strengths and needs when it comes to writing. We also started reading mentor texts that we will base our learning from.

Social Studies - We will start our Civics and Government unit next week. Do you work in this area? Do you know someone who does? If the answer is yes, please let me know if you would be willing to come in and discuss your role in government.