Technology, October 2013

A Glimpse of our Sessions...


  • Flipbook: small book with a series of pictures drawn in sequence gradually from one page to the next, son when the pages are turned rapidly the pictures seem to be animated or in motion.
  • Celluloid: a synthetic plastic material used in the animation industry.
  • Storyboard: graphic sequence for a story.


This month we worked on different activities in which the students practiced different skills and abilities:

  • Video: students saw a video about how "Snow White" was made and all the steps to make an animation. Skills: focus, inquisitive, analytical reasoning.
  • Flipbook: Each student had to create their own flipbook, paying attention to details to be able to create movement through the pages. Skills: creativity, pay attention to details, be artistic.
  • Animation on Ipad: for this activity they used the Ipad app "ABCYa Animate" to create their own animation. First they had to come up with an idea and draw their story board. Then, they used the app to bring their story to life. Skills: creativity, use of technology, write short stories, present artistic ideas, plan activities to put them in action and follow instructions.