Friday, September 25th, 2015

Mrs. Jackson's Pre-K

Quick newsletter today! I'm heading out to get us some new caterpillars to raise!

Fall Stuff (How did I forget Acorns???)

Keep the fall items coming! Please be sure you see the newsletter I sent Tuesday with several ideas for items to send in! I can't believe I forgot to ask for acorns! We would love to have a great collection of acorns, too! Thanks so much for helping us enjoy this fun fall season!

Georgia Read to Read TEXT

Parents of 4 & 5 year-olds can text GAREADY4K to 313131 to receive tips, facts & resources for Pre-K and Kindergarten. These texts are made possible by a partnership between the Georgia Department of Education and Stanford University. You can reply STOP at anytime to discontinue these texts.

Direct Drive

The water bottles were given to us from the PTO for our donations to the Direct Drive! The students are loving that they change color with cold! We are hoping to reach our goal, so keep them coming! This weekend is the last "official" Drive weekend, but donations will still be accepted!


Please let us know if you did not get back any of the shoes you wanted returned! We have a few pairs we may donate or let the students play with for the rest of the year. There have been requests for more high heels if anyone has any they don't need and want to share with us!


Along with the list of real and found items I sent in a previous newsletter, we could really use some empty containers from your kitchen for ours. This could be spice containers, empty food boxes, coffee containers, shampoo, lotion etc. Anything you think the students would enjoy playing with in our housekeeping area.

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend!