Hero Project

By: Keegan E

My Hero

My hero is my Grandpa. My Grandpa served in the U.S Military and National Guard, and was sent in many times to restore order and keep peace. He has taught me many life lessons through his experiences.
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Definition Hero Essay

When most people think of heroes they think of Superman, Batman, or Iron Man. However, when I think of a hero, the image that comes to mind is so much different than the stereotypical "hero". A hero is someone who helps people, not for something in return, but because it is the right thing to do, and has selfless values.

A hero is a soldier who throws his body onto a grenade in order to save his comrades. Imagine being in war, with friends and squad mates all around, probably dying off as the war progresses. Consider the close friendship one must have with these people, as they have probably been in the same unit since the beginning. Wouldn't they do anything to protect their fellow soldiers? These men and women help each other, sometimes on a regular basis. We must view them as heroes since these acts of helping one another out often involve particularly dangerous or risky situations. Do these soldiers anticipate greater rewards because of greater actions? No, they do not do this for their own gain, but for the other soldiers whose lives may be lost if not for courageous and selfless acts by these heroes.

A hero is someone who helps people, and not for see thing in return. Everyday, David would sell hotdogs from his cart down in New York City. One day, a homeless man, clearly starving, passed by pushing an empty shopping cart. David had seen this man before, and sometimes the man’s shopping cart would be full of old food clearly found in dumpsters. This time was different. David called out to the man to stop. As the homeless man turned towards David, he was presented with his very own hotdog from David’s cart. Not knowing what to give in return, the homeless man took the hotdog with gratitude. David then told him it was free, a little gift to help out the needy. This story shows David’s hospitality to someone with nothing. While he could've easily avoided the homeless man, David decided to give him something that the man desperately needed; food. This act of helping someone clearly shows how much of a hero, an ordinary person, but hero none the less, David is.

As is clearly shown, both the soldier and David, the vendor, are heroes. Heroes are people who give without want, and someone who has selfless morals and values. Anyone, even ordinary people, can be heroes in life, and there is no need to run away from it. Being a hero requires doing simple tasks, however these simple tasks may prove a challenge, as most people shy away from doing them. After all, stepping out of your comfort zone is something everyone needs to do.

Untouchable Hero Essay

A hero is someone who helps people, not for something in return, but because it is the right thing to do, and is a role model. Ronald Reagan is my hero. As the 40th President of the United States, Reagan has many notable achievements, including being attributed with the fall of the Berlin Wall and East Germany, the Collapse of the Soviet Union, surviving an assassination, and dealing with the Air Traffic Controllers' strike (Gale Biography in Context). Being very Conservative, Reagan is a role-model who I agree with from every aspect. Ronald Reagan is a hero due to him being a role model to me and the rest of the Republican Party, and his ability to help make America the greatest country of all time.

Ronald Reagan is a true hero because of his guiding figure and the things he did for America. Reagan has many accolades that qualify him for being a hero. One of the main things that demonstrates he is a hero is the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall divided Democracy and Communism, creating East Germany and West Germany. The USSR's leader at this time was Mikhail Gorbachev, a Communist hell-bent on separating the Western Democracy from the Eastern Communism. In one of Reagan's speeches in front of the wall (he was against Communism) he urged Gorbachev to tear down the wall. His urgings finally paid off as, in 1989, the wall finally fell, allowing full reunification of Germany. Some other achievements were, as stated by the article titled "Ronald Reagan" by Gale Newsmakers, "[Reagan's legacy]... was garlanded by such successes as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the liberation of Grenada, the stifling of Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, and the signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with the Soviet Union." These achievements really helped Reagan's Presidential reign shine above the others. Reagan's helping, father-figure to the U.S really set the bar for future Presidents, and led to him being loved by the American populace.

Ronald Reagan and my Grandpa are both heroes for similar reasons. Both are devoutly devoted to their country and helped make it a better place. Reagan and my Grandpa also are both role models whose attitudes and actions I hope to someday replicate. Ronald Reagan and my Grandpa both exhibit positive messages and are positive role-models. Through his actions as President, Reagan was able to help America and shape it for the future. My Grandpa, through his service in the National Guard, has done this same thing as Reagan; made America better. These positive actions provide that "role-model attitude" that reaffirms my faith in both of them. They have encouraged me to become more engaged in our country's community, surely a positive thing. Also, the lessons that my Grandpa, and the actions of Reagan as President and Governor, taught me have changed my view on the country and help maintain a positive outlook for the future of our generation. Most others, while saying they believe in this country and want to help it, do not fully exhibit these positive messages and role model actions that Reagan and my Grandpa do; they are simply not devoted enough. These two men are both heroes because they are role-model figures in my daily life. Their actions, messages, and teachings pave the way for an American future much better than this one.

If Reagan was here now, the advice he would tell me is to maintain a positive attitude and to always be a role-model for others. I would use this advice as a motivator to change my lifestyle; I would be more proactive and also be more positive. Ronald Reagan was a great hero, and great President, who was a role-model to all and helped the American People.

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