The Trail Of Tears

Cherokee migration

Reasoning behind the trip

After trial the supreme court placed the Indian removal act which required the federal government to speak of treaties with the Native Americans in the East, and after an array of decisions made by the Supreme Court, the Europeans were given ownership of the Native lands. It was said by the Supreme Court that the Native nations were "domestic dependent nations". And while some Native tribes signed the treaties and moved to the reservations out west while others stayed. Though, those who stayed soon got forced out of their homes and lead to the reservations out west.

The Journey and Treatment After Arrival

The Cherokee were forced to move west by general Winfield Scott and a powerful 7000 man army, and on this long and agonizing journey many got ill from the cold and there was so little food, that many of them ended up starved or were starving. Not to mention on the journey west thousands of Cherokee suffered from fatigue, cold, and hunger. As well as many of them contracting pneumonia or tuberculosis.As well as there being so little food for the ones on that 2200 mile journey, so little food that the dogs were starving too. (when the people walking without shoes began bleeding from their feet the dogs would fight over licking it up off the snow.) Though when they arrived to the reservations they were welcomed by similar tribes.

How The Cherokee Influenced Our Culture

The Cherokee influenced the American culture in different ways. They gave much of our land names, as well as passing on few languages such as Eskimo-Aleut, Algic, Muskogean, Siouan, Athabaskan, Iroquoian Salishan, Mayan, and Uto-Aztecan. About 250 languages were spoken in the US by itself, and languages within the same family were rarely used. And as many know in the start when the Europeans came to the U.S. the Natives were the ones to show them how to live off of the land, by planting crops, and hunting.


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