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This is by Mrs. Dykes students 2013!!! Haley M., Vanessa R., and Bri B.

Global Warming- A joke...

Let me tell you a little something about Global Warming...It is false, fake, a joke! Yeah we know that is warming back up but in the past before the Roman Empire it was hot and they weren't producing as much carbon dioxide as we are. So of course the temperature went up since The Little Ice Age.

The proof, Global Warming is a hoax..see i told you so!..It is false, fake, a joke!


In the picture above between 7369 and 7695 it was hotter than the Roman Empire period it is also just about as hot as The Minoan period. You see what I tell you man (or chick),you see what I tell you! If you don't beleive me look for yourself! And between 8029 and 8385 it gets colder than in The Little Ice Age and that's just a few hundred years later. During the Medieval period it is warm and then The Little Ice Age happens and makes the Earth drop colder so therefore that is why we ( Bri, Vanessa, Haley ) say that Global Warming is not real! We have all the information saying that Global Warming is false, fake, a joke.

About us!!(:

This is a class project so please don't get mad if you disagree. Mrs.Dykes class 2013. Go jackets! McAdory Middle School(:

James Spann

I have been doing the weather on local television for 30 years, and EVERY YEAR I have had people come up to me and tell me that they can “never remember the weather being this strange”. -James Spann

I love this guy...he's like the weather ninja!