Life before the Constitution

Life as an Enslaved african american

I am a slave in virginia. I Work in a tobacco plantation. I Worry that the slave owner will slave my family, I worry that this torture would never end. I hope the Constitution will end slavery, And I will be counted free too, I want to be tranquil. When I gain freedom I will face many problems, such as Low Money and A Job. The Kind of freedom I hope for is too be with my family and everyone being treated equally.

Life as a Farmer

I make my living By working on a farm, It's Blazing outside everyday. I Have to keep planting to eat and to make money.I Worry that I barely have money for myself. If I don't have money I cant pay debts also owing money. I Can be thrown in jail for not owing money. Shays Rebellion was the time we stood up to the government and demanding that the government cut taxes and put more money in circulation. I want the debts prices to go down so I Don't have to worry every night about getting thrown into jail.

Life as a Worker