Pelion Middle Learning Commons

August/September 2015

Welcome Back!

Don't forget that the Learning Commons crew can help you by:

1. Helping students find their identity as a reader! We have a "just right" book for everyone.

2. Recommending the right tools whether print, digital or both, to add to your lesson plans.

3. Teaching your classes! Whether it's reinforcing a skill you've taught or showing students how to synthesize and create, we can assist.

4. Lending a hand with technology! We can help you troubleshoot, discover and use new apps, and help you find the right one for your students

5. Providing space for your classes and small groups. The Learning Commons has room for multiple groups, plus a digital creation station where they can experiment with a green screen and digital programs.

Book Trailer of the Month: Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

Far Far Away is a 2015-2016 SCJBA nominee. You can find it in the Learning Commons.
Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

What's in a Name?

At the beginning of the year, ELA teachers decided to take first-day activities to a new level. In the Learning Commons, students rotated among stations where they discovered the meaning of their own name,discussed why names are important, and played the Guess the Celebrity Baby Name game.
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What Else Did Students & Teachers Do in the Learning Commons during August/September?

-checked out books

-worked on digital content

-trained to become student tech troubleshooters

-teachers "re-discovered" Discovery Streaming

-new students became oriented with the library and went on a digital scavenger hunt

-researched classical music and time periods

-learned how to access ebooks & digital audio books

-attended iPad bootcamp

Student Work

This anime was drawn by a member of the student crew and given to the Learning Commons to display at the end of the school year.
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At a Glance in the Learning Commons

  • 1852 print materials checked out
  • 31 digital audio books downloaded to iPads
  • 198 ebooks downloaded to iPads
  • 1095 single student visits
  • 1175 uses of Discovery Streaming
  • 55 class set items were added the Learning Commons collection

Coming Soon. . .

Mission and Vision

The Pelion Middle Learning Commons supports student achievement by serving as a center that is conducive to personalized learning, collaboration and creativity. As students develop new digital skills, discover their identity as a reader, and become self-directed, they become lifelong learners.