What is Anorexia

What are the signs? How can you help?

Facts About Anorexia

*The percentage of people who die from anorexia is a 2-3% chance.

*People who fully recover from anorexia is 60%.

*People who make a partial recovery is 20% and another 20% are just dangerously underweight.

The symptoms for anorexia are: 1: Teens think they need to loose weight. 2: Not eating food- moving the food around the plate. 3: Exercising a lot even when they are hurt or secretly doing it. 4: Always looking at the calorie counting's and nutrition information so they aren't gaining weight. 5: Going to the bathroom after eating.
The physical symptoms are very thin appearance, extreme weight loss, not having menstrual periods, dizziness and fainting, hair thinning or falling out, fatigue, abnormal blood counts, and a bluish discoloration of the fingers.
The emotional symptoms that people have when they have anorexia are refusing to eat, denial of hunger, a lot of exercising, social withdrawal, and lying about how much food has been actually eaten.
There are social symptoms that occur too like lost of interest in other activities, not seeing friends a lot anymore, isolation, secrecy, and mistrust.
There are also behavioral symptoms with anorexia like refusing to eat, depressed mood, social withdrawal, lying, lot of exercising, flat mood, denial of hunger, possible use of laxatives.
For the treatment of this disease, there is a support group. The website is: http://www.anad.org.

Famous Women Troubled by Anorexia

Karen Carpenter was a famous singer who battled anorexia for years and ended up dying from this disease. She fought this disease for many years, but ended up losing her fight.
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