ESC17 Instructional Leaders 2016

Curriculum Conversations to Drive Quality Instruction

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Norms for the Day

  • Stay on schedule, be on time.
  • Participate and listen actively.
  • Take care of yourself and your neighbor.
  • Prepare your technology for learning and engagement.
  • It's OK to have fun!
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Lens for today: impacting instruction

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Goals for the Day

  • Empower leaders to have curriculum-based conversations with teachers that will impact furture learning
  • Develop a process for reflection based on student proof of learning

How can what we learn today be used in the future?

  • Teacher reflection
  • Teacher growth
  • Flexibility
  • Formal/Informal observations
  • Capacity building as a curriculum leader
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3 Phases in the Curriculum Conversation

Phase One: Access

What do administrators need to access?

  • Standards
  • Student Learning Objectives
  • How the standard connects to the student learning objective
  • When that is going to happen with the students

When/How can administrators access this information?

  • Pre-conference
  • Conversation
  • Lesson Plans (digital or paper)
  • Teacher's Room (posted in the room/on desk/embedded with technology)
  • PLC Time

Phase Two: Student Connection Conversation

Keys to a successful conversation:
  • Revolves around the student proof of learning and is evidence based
  • Trains teachers to pinpoint curriculum needs (transfer, vocabulary, content)
  • Trains teachers to analyze the quality of formative assessment they are giving to students (assessment type/goal/quality of feedback)

Phase Three: Investment

Develop a plan of improvement where both of you play a role!
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Tool Time!

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Curriculum Conversations

Your conversation tool includes general content questions on the first page to address the three phases we already discussed. The following pages are focused on specific areas of curriculum to deepen your conversation in those subject areas.
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Practice Time!

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Demonstration: 4th Grade Math


The students worked long division problems on their iPads in centers. The teacher was working with students at a different center.


4.4(F) use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to divide up to a four‐digit dividend by a one‐digit divisor

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Time Breakdown for Activity

1 minute: Analyze student work

3 minutes: Curriculum Conversation

Partner Station Activity

Partner with an administrator from your grade level (elementary, middle, or high).

You will be traveling to 5 different stations. You will start at the content area station that is closest to you.

Grab a folder from your level from the wall and sit at a table with your partner.

Partner A: Teacher

Partner B: Student

Switch roles and flip your folder. Repeat.

Before you rotate to the next content area, put your folder back on the wall.

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10-in-1 Debrief

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Data- Based Decision Making

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Questions to think about...

1. Based on this data, what are your priorities in the months ahead?

2. What teachers would impact this data the most?

3. What have you learned from today to help guide your conversations with those teachers?

4. If you need curriculum guidance, have you met with the Region 17 specialist in that content area?

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