Red Cross History

Kaesha Thomas

Red Cross

Red Cross is a worldwide network of organizations whose members work to relieve human suffering. Ther Founder of the Red Cross Organization is Clara Barton. The name "Red Cross" comes from the flag used by Red Cross organizations. It features a red cross on a white background. The Red cross flag honors Switzerland, Where the international Red Cross movement was founded in 1863. The Red Cross helps keep people in touch with family members serving the United States military. An Red Cross member locates military personnel and delivers information during times of personal crisis, Such as a death or serious illness in the family. In the Late 1960's and the early 1970's, the Red Cross provided hospital and recreational programs for U.S armed forces in Vietnam. In 1973, The Red Cross assisted released American prisoners of war. It also worked with the U.S. government in 1975 on the resettlement of refugees from southeast asia in the United States. Major foreign relief efforts by the American Red Cross follwed the earthquakes in Nicaragua in 1972, Guatemala in 1976and several other nations in the 1980's.

Health And Safety Training

The Red Cross provides health and safety training as part of its mission of emergency prevention and preparedness. Experts in medical and safety fields design the training programs to teach people the skills necessary to respond to an emergency.