5th Geniration

By Tanvir

5th Geniration

5th generation technology looks really cool,and they look really futuristic like computers, phone, mobile,i pod touch, tablets,TV,console,cars and robots.

computer:Fifth generation computing devices, based on artificial intelligence, are still in development, though there are some applications, such as voice recognition, that are being used today. The use of parallel processing and superconductors is helping to make artificial intelligence a reality. Quantum computation and molecular and nanotechnology will radically change the face of computers in years to come.

iPod touch:Unlike the iPhone, which is refreshed every year, the iPod touch line hadn't been updated since 2010. When the 5th generation model was unveiled in 2012, it was a big step forward for the device.

consoles:The fifth generation also saw the rise of emulation. During this period, commonly available personal computers became powerful enough to emulate the 8- and 16-bit systems of the previous generations. Also, the development of the internet made it possible to store and download tape and ROM images of older games, eventually leading 7th generation consoles (such as the x box 360, Wii, playstation3,PlayStation portable , and Nintendo DSI) to make many older games available for purchase or download