By: Anissa Olmos & Justin Chavez ^.<

The Negative Affects of a Volcano

A volcano is a mountain with a crater at the top. Usually volcanoes erupted along time ago and are extinct by now.The volcanoes attract rain droplets therefore causing a lot of precipitation.Volcanoes also put ash into the atmosphere because of the eruption. The ash can also accumulate on buildings or houses causing them to collapse , and make it very hard for humans to breathe.Finally, ash blocks out the sunlight for the plants.

The Positive Affects of Volcano

The good thing about volcanoes is that the ash has nutrients inside of it that plants can use. Volcanoes can cause forms of weathering, erosion, and deposition. An example of deposition is when the lava from the volcano cools and hardens to form rock. It represents erosion by shooting out the lava all over the place during the eruption.The weathering happens when there is a violent euption and the huge amount of force from the explosion breaks a lot of rock down.

Mount Etna

Mount Etna happend in 1669 in Sicily, Italy. Mount Etna damaged, and destroyed more than 40 towns and about 20,000 to 60,000 people were left homeless. It lasted for 3 days. A 7 mile crevice was created where the lava flowed.

[FULL] Italy's Mount Etna Volcano Erupts 26 October 2013, Etna Volcano Eruption October 2013 Video

Mount Etna erupting in October 26 of 2013.