Cali Trip!

Dalton Roberts


On my trip, I plan to go to California, the state furthest to the West in the continental United States. I will be going to various cities and attractions such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, and many others.


I am going to be in California for about 1 week. I will be going in middle to late July.


I will be traveling to and from my destination via plane, from city to city by rental car, and probably do some walking around.


There is not much documentation needed to travel from state to state, but I will need a driver’s license, a passport, and a credit card. This is just so we can buy a rental car.

Language Barriers

The official language spoken in California is American English. There will be little to no difficulty with language barriers.

Fellow Travellers

I will be accompanied by my friend on this trip. We have both always wanted to go to California on a trip.

Food and Drink Cost

We will be eating 3 meals a day, which is about $10-$20 per meal on average, because we will be trying different restaurants. The trip is seven days, so there will be a total of 21 meals per person. It comes out to be approximately $250-$300 per person, or $500-$600 combined.


I may need to call back home to let family know how the trip is going, and keep in touch with the friend I am staying with. My cell phone will be all I need in the way of communication.


We are going to pay for our own expenses with money we will have saved up. We will be staying with a friend of mine so the trip won't be as expensive as it would if we had to pay for a hotel.


I think our main challenge will be getting around in California, especially during tourist season.


We will be staying with my friend, so we will not have to pay for a hotel.