Math Empowers K

Middletown Township Public Schools

Kindergarten - 4th Quarter 2016-2017

This Quarter Features Formative Assessment Resources

Formative assessment tasks allow teachers to gather information from observing and listening to students explain their reasoning. Observing and engaging our kinder friends in discussions about their thinking can uncover more layers of their mathematical reasoning. Observing behaviors and asking students to explain their reasoning can better inform you to make instructional decisions that go beyond students' responses to one paper and pencil test question. Please view the rest of this newsletter for information, tips, and resources to help you use formative assessment tasks in your classrooms.

Questioning Techniques to Assess Student Understanding

Research has shown that questions requiring students to think meaningfully are not asked enough in classrooms. It is important for teachers to refine questioning techniques to properly develop students' reasoning ability, which is critical under the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Part of good questioning techniques involves your responses to students' answers. Avoid statements and behaviors that judge students' responses, instead follow up responses in ways that encourage deeper thinking. Click here to see sample questions and follow up responses.

Stay In Touch

"It takes a village"...let's stick together and share resources. Contact me or your building Math Specialist with any great ideas, tips, or creative classroom hacks that you would like to share with your fellow Kindergarten teachers.

Rose Scullion, Ocean Avenue Mathematics Specialist