Ms. Damschroder's 3rd Grade

Week of November 30, 2015

What do I do at home?

Read EVERY night!! Find a book and a comfortable spot. Then, dig into a good book! You should read at least 10-15 minutes.

Practice addition and subtraction math facts. If you need flash cards, see Ms. Damschroder.

Practice multiplication and division math facts. If you need flash cards, see Ms. Damschroder.

Spelling Words

Practice your words every night! There will be a test on FRIDAY!!

winner, unhappiness, corn

another, confusion, thorn

I'm, question, torn

that's, threw, horn

through, vacation, popcorn

Students will need to know the difference between threw and through.

through--example: I walked through the park with my dog.

threw--past tense of throw--example: Jacob threw the ball to his sister.

AIR Assessment

Students will take the AIR ELA assessment on December 1st and 2nd. Information about the 3rd grade guarantee and the test is below.

As you are aware, 3rd grade is subject to the State of Ohio 3rd grade reading guarantee.

In order to move on to 4th grade in addition to meeting grade level standards, 3rd grade students must pass a reading assessment. The first AIR assessment will be given on Tuesday, December 1st. This will be a reading/language arts test. Example test items can be found at the following link.

Students can sign in as a guest and practice for the test. Our test will not be on-line this time. The students will take the paper/pencil version of the test, but the questions and format will be similar. 3rd grade students will have another chance to take and pass this test in the spring. Those dates will be forthcoming.


If you sign your child up for Lift-Off, please write a note in their agenda each week so I know they have permission to go to Lift-Off. The school does not keep the permission slips that are sent in. The slips go to the church, so I do not have a record of who is signed up. Thank you for your help in this.


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