stephen f. austin

by: michael pina

biographical facts

stephen f austin fote in the alamo in the war to fight the mexicans in the war the texans some of the men dead in the alaom war in stephen f. austin army the war in was along battel for the mexacans and the texans but texans won the alaom war all the people in the war were happy they won stephen f. austin dead in 1836.
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stephen f. austin habits

stephen f. austin first colony lay between the nuecec and the sabine the eastern boudary of the province later grants to austin and other vcere east


Stephen fuller austin november3 1793 december27 1836 was american empresario born in virginia and raised southeastern missouri know as the father of texas he led the second and ultimately successful colonization of the regon by bringing 300 families from the united states to the regon in 1825.


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