Aong For the Ride

By Sarah Dessen

Book Review: Chanpreet Sidhu

Aduen West is very smart girl who doesn’t get to enjoy childhood activities, such as riding a bike. Making a memorable summer is one thing Aduen would like to do before heading off to college. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen is a novel of a girl who struggles to find her childhood.

After getting a package from her brother Hollis,who travels all over the world, Aduen decides to take her father’s offer and go down to the beach town Colby, to spend the summer with her dad and her stepmom. At first Aduen is reluctant towards her step mom and her new-born half sister but, slowly things begin to fall into place. Aduen also ends up spending her nights making up the lost childhood time with Eli. Eli is a loner who is having a hard time getting through his past. These two take no time to fall in love but with the things going on in her life will Aduen chase Eli away? Through the journey Aduen learns second chances are possible and wonders if people can actually change.

Dessen does a very good job at making the characters very realistic. The novel makes you feel as if you are sitting right beside the characters. I loved reading this book because it give you the realization that not everyone has a chance to have a childhood so enjoy yours while you can.

Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen (Book Trailer)