Aerospace Engineering

by: Marco Pozza

What Do Aerospace Engineers Do???

Aerospace Engineers design and build aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. They also set up tests to make sure their designs work.

How Much Do These People Make???

On average, the typical Aerospace Engineer makes between 88,000 and 111,000 dollars a year.

What Kind Of Schooling Do I Need???

You need a degree authorized by ABET. (Adult Basic Education and Training) You Also need a passing score on a fundamentals of engineering test, and a professional engineering test. Along with relevant work experience.

How Does It Connect To The Enviorment???

They need to figure out how to build "cleaner" aircraft. (kind of like a clean car) They Also need to make their designs weather-proof. They design spacecraft that could take people farther than they have ever been before.


The contraptions Aerospace Engineers build change the world for the better and can teach us a lot about Earth & beyond. You can also (if your lucky) work with NASA... That's pretty cool...


If you're the guy who designs missiles... you will be responsible for lots of deaths.