The Kingdom of God

Spring Gospel Meeting at the New Boston Church of Christ

Come Hear Cody Westbrook Preach on the Kingdom of God

God's kingdom is a topic of concern among many today. What does the Bible teach about the kingdom of God? What prophesies are written of this kingdom? Who rules over this kingdom? What kind of citizens does it have? How can we be part of it? What will happen to this kingdom in the future? Come hear spiritual biblical lessons designed to inform you regarding these and many more questions.

The Kingdom of God Gospel Meeting

Sunday, March 20th, 9:30am to Wednesday, March 23rd, 9pm

610 North McCoy Boulevard

New Boston, TX

Cody Westbrook, preacher for the Southwest Church of Christ in Austin, Texas, will be the featured speaker.

Schedule of Topics and Events

9:30 AM Bible Study - Prophecy of the Kingdom

10:25 AM Worship Hour - The King of the Kingdom

11:30 AM - Congregational Potluck
6:00 PM Evening Worship - The Citizens of the Kingdom

7:00 PM Monday Lesson - How to Enter the Kingdom

7:00 PM Tuesday Lesson - How to Stay in the Kingdom

7:00 PM Wednesday Lesson - The Future of the Kingdom

New Boston Church of Christ

The New Boston Church of Christ is a congregation of God's people seeking to love God and one another as Christ has commanded in the New Testament. We seek to honor and respect the message of Christ in the Bible. We invite you to join us as we strive to do the Lord's will in our lives.