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Origami Owl Journey

Thank You for Contacting Me About the O2 Opportunity!

I couldn't be more excited to share in this amazing and unique opportunity with you. I am available to you whenever you have a question regarding anything O2. Never hesitate to message me on Facebook, shoot me an email, or send me a text any time you might need me. If you need a little one on one time on the phone, we can schedule that in too.

Take a few minutes to read my Blog Post Titled Why I Would Love to Be YOUR Origami Owl Mentor by clicking the link.

About Me - Kelley Morrow Designor ID #13180

I want to share a little about me, and how O2 changed my life.

I was first introduced to Origami Owl at a Christmas function in 2012. At that time I was a laid off administrative assistant who was staying at home with two children, desperately trying to make ends meet while I searched for a "job". I immediately KNEW that I had to be a part of this amazing, ground floor, unique opportunity. I not only loved the products and what they represented, but also that I wanted to share them with everyone that I knew.

Let me be honest here...I am NO sales person. I have tried and failed miserably at direct sales positions before. This time I just honestly KNEW it was different. This was "it". And boy was I right!

I joined O2 in January of 2013 after being on the wait list for a little over a month. Since then, my team has exploded, my business is booming and the women I work with are amazing. Not to mention that I actively contribute in the FINANCIAL earnings in our home, all while being able to attend every baseball practice, be active in my sons school, actively participate in church, cuddle my kids any time they are sick, take days off whenever I want, and spend precious time with my toddler. THAT is having your cake and eating it too! Sounds amazing right? Oh...oh yes it is!

Your Origami Owl Family Tree

If you DO decide that you would like for me to be your mentor (which I would LOVE of course!) then this is the team that you will be joining:

Kelley Morrow, Senior Team Leader
Jill McCarthy, Executive Team Leader
Heidi Russel, Executive Director

Our big group team, The Sparkling Hooters under Jill has over 650 members. We are VERY VERY active on our Facebook group where we share graphics, business information, ideas, support in a HUGE scale. If you can imagine using it in your WILL find it there. If it's not there, you simply request it and one of our amazing Sparkling Hooters sisters will get it for you! Simple as that! You will not find another group that is this amazing and supportive!

Our smaller team group, The Hooting Lockettes is under myself. Since there are not 650 members, I am able to give more individual attention as well as more personal mentoring. With the combination of both of these teams, you really have IT ALL!

The O2 Compensation & Career Plan

Big image
This plan outlines exactly how you not only earn income with your Origami Owl business, but also how you grow your team, promote and earn even MORE money with your business!

As you can see, personal "retail" discount for our products is 30% (lockets, chains, window plates, tags) or 50% (charms, stamped plates, dangles) depending on the item. This is a MUCH larger profit margin that most other direct sales companies!

Example: If your customer purchases a Large Silver Living Locket with Crystals for $28, you will earn a 30% profit of $8.40. If they purchase 6 charms to fill their locket for $30, you will earn a 50% profit of $15. Then if that customer chooses a $22 chain to hang their locket on, you will earn 30% profit of $6.60. So, for this customers order of $80 you will earn $30!! For ONE small order!

Earning Money with O2 is EASY!

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