March Update!

Kirsten's Class

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He wants spring to come, too!!!!

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Reading Workshop

Happy March Everyone! There are just sixteen more days until spring officially begins, and we are hoping that it feels like spring when that day comes!! As readers, we continue to think about connections because making connections helps us with reading comprehension. We might connect to a character or to a specific event in the story. Some of the wonderful texts that we have read and connected with are: One of Three by Angella Johnson, Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe, and A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. This month we will also pay attention to connections between texts. We will compare two compelling characters, Oliver Button, in Oliver Button is a Sissy and Grace, in Amazing Grace. Students will have a chance to make Venn Diagrams and get to know these courageous characters. Later in March, we will be focusing on understanding and think about how we self-monitor for understanding while we read. We are becoming amazing readers!!

Writing Workshop

First, we want to congratulate our writers! They completed their All-About books, and they were a huge success. They worked diligently on their books for weeks to be able to read them to their second grade friends. The first graders are very excited to be able to share them with their grandparents or special person on Thursday as well!

This month during writers workshop, we will be focusing on writing realistic fiction. With the strategies that the first graders have learned throughout the year in writing, they are prepared to take a fiction small moment and expand on it by adding a setting, characters and a plot. We are very excited to embark on this unit. Some of the mini-lesson that will be taught are: Descriptive writing, inventing characters in a small moment, creating exciting endings, using ellipses, getting serious about spelling, sharing details about your story through setting, characters and plot, making characters speak by using speech bubbles, using your own experience to make your fiction story real, stretching out a chapter from beginning to end, and of course, editing! Of course, we most likely will extend this unit a bit into next month if we have to. I am looking forward to hearing the students' creative fiction stories in the coming month!!


This term in math we will work with place value. As always, students are encouraged to notice groups of ten when they combine and separate numbers. They will be working with numbers below forty. Later in the month, students will be adding with more than one addend. This will introduce us to.... multiplication!

Social Studies

This month we will be finishing up our study of the Pueblo Indians. We will have our folktale presentations, which we are so excited about! We will add the finishing touches to our Hopi Village mural and continue to work on craft projects that teach us about the Hopi and other Southwest tribes. We will be writing about our Kachinas, learning about Southwest pottery, and symbols. Before the month is over, we will also make dream catchers, and think about the habitat, climate and kinds of animals that live in this region.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!