Can You Ever Get Away From Your Ex?

On December 27, 2018, a sixteen year old girl went to a school dance with her crush and her name was Cinderella. Cinderella was scared that her ex wouldn't be very happy with her going with Robin Hood. Her ex is Prince Not So Charming. Prince Not So Charming chased Cinderella out of the gym screaming, "Wait I want to win you back". He grabbed her plastic shoe from her massive feet. Robin Hood ran out looking for his date and all he saw was Prince Not So Charming holding her shoe. He of course attacked Prince Charming and finally got the plastic shoe back. It took Robin a whole night to find his date. When he found her, she was covered in dirt from running from her crazy ex boyfriend. Robin picked her up and rode off into the night on his horse with his date by his side.

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Forget About It Princess, Not Even Cinderella Is Getting To This Ball ;)

In 1895, William G. Morgan invented the sport volleyball. In 1949, the first Men World Championships were held, but in 1952 it was held for women. In 1694, volleyball was finally introduced as an Olympic Sport. The longest ever recorded volleyball game was seventy-five hours and thirty minutes in Kingston, North Carolina. Volleyball at first was called mintonette but now is called volleyball. Most volleyball players jump 300 times per game. The first design for the ball was in 1900. In the 1920’s, the first beach volleyball courts were built in Santa Monica, California. In the 60’s John F. Kennedy and the Beatles played a match on Sorrento Beach in Los Angeles on the sidelines. Around the world, about 995 million people play volleyball worldwide. In conclusion, volleyball is a well-known sport throughout the world.

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Can You Handle The Supernatural?

Bella Swan moved from Arizona to a small town. She moved in with her dad since her parents are split up. She goes to school and meets some new friends. She meets Edward in Science class and he tries to get moved into another because he really wants to drink her blood. Soon Bella and Edward fall in love, and he takes her to a baseball field with his family to be the referee. After a couple pitches the "bad vampires" show up and the guy wants to eat Bella as well. James "the bad vampire" called Bella saying that he captured her mom and if she doesn't come then he will kill her. This supernatural movie was made in 2008. The main character is Kristen Stewart also known as Bella, and her cost star is Robert Pattinson-Edward Cullen. The other well-known character is Taylor Lautner-Jacob Black. The message of the movie is that you can love someone different than you. The rating of the movie is PG-13. I liked the way Edward was trying to protect Bella from harm.

TWILIGHT (2008) - Official Movie Trailer

How Do You Snap

According to, the founders of Snapchat Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy started working together while attending Stanford University, using a website called Future Freshman in 2010. How to use Snapchat is by taking a picture of whatever you want, then you get to choose how long the picture will last (1-10 seconds). There is a way to review something, it is called a replay, and you are allowed one replay a day. Snapchat was originally called Picaboo and it was first launched in July 2011. Picaboo was renamed after it was added to Google Play for Android users. Spiegel got the idea for the disappearing picture after a friend of theirs regretted sending a picture to someone… That friend is Frank Brown, he approached his friends with the “million dollar idea”. They launched that idea and apparently they kicked him out and then Brown sued them. Spiegel and Murphy had made a restraining order against him.


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