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All Cooped Up: A fresh look at “The Odd Couple” in light of the COVID-19 lockdown

Neil Simon's masterpiece, "The Odd Couple" was originally a Broadway play, and the film version starred Walter Matthau as Oscar and Jack Lemon as Felix. Rabbi Ed Bernstein and his brother Henry Bernstein, a Jewish Educator, artist and pop-culture expert, will co-facilitate a presentation and discussion via Zoom.

Rabbi Ed Bernstein will interview his brother Henry Bernstein on the cultural significance of the original play and film and why it has “cult status” in the Bernstein family.

- Rabbi Ed Bernstein is a chaplain, CSK member and host of the My Teacher Podcast.
- Henry Bernstein is a Jewish educator in Chicago, cultural critic and co-host of the Funny, They Don't Look Jewish Podcast.

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The film can be rented on Amazon Prime Video or YouTube.

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