Canada's Contribution to End Hunger

How Canada Could Help to End World Hunger

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What is Hunger

About everyone in the world gets hungry. Me, you, everyone.But we could satisfy our hunger by a quick snack or a meal. ("What is Hunger")795 people in the world are undernourished. They are not able to satisfy their hunger quickly. Hunger is divided into two main subtopics: Food Insecurity and Malnutrition

Food Insecurity

A month of bad weather for a farmer or an inless for a farmer will result in a shortage of income. ("What is Hunger") In extreme cases this can lead to food insecurity. ("What is Hunger") People in this condition lack a stable, reliable and sustainable way to get the meals they need. ("What is Hunger")


As in everything quality is more important than quantity. ("What is Hunger") People suffering from malnutrition do not get proper nutritious food. ("Definition of Malnutrition) The body lacks vitamins. If a child under two gets malnutrition, the child can suffer from serious problems life long. ("What Causes Hunger") There is a high risk that their children may also get malnutrition. ("What Causes Hunger") The cycle goes on and on.

Well, What Causes Hunger

Hunger is caused by both physical and human geography. ("What Causes Hunger")

Physical Geography

Disasters such as droughts, floods and storms have a huge impact on hunger. ("What Causes Hunger") In 2011 a drought occurred in Kenya which caused many crop and livestock failures. ("What Causes Hunger")In 2012 a similar drought with similar consequences occurred in the west Sahel region of Africa.("What Causes Hunger") In instances such as this access food will be lower, which causes high food prices. For farmers this could have devastating consequences.

Human Geography

Human geography is also hugely responsible for world hunger. ("What Causes Hunger") Instances such as poverty, unstable markets, poor economic growth and war are major reasons. ("What Causes Hunger")


Most people in poverty are small scale farmers. ("What Causes Hunger") Due to their low income they are not able to purchase farming equipment such as seeds and tools. ("What Causes Hunger") Due to that the farmers are not able to grow food to feed their family or sell for an income. ("What Causes Hunger")

Poor Economic Growth

Food that is imported from in another country is bought in US dollars. Due to poor economic growth for many countries the exchange rate is high between their local currency and US dollars. Food prices will increase due to this factor.
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5 Dollars in US, 8 Dollars in Canada

Unstable Markets

Rollercoaster food prices has made it very difficult for the ones with low income to purchase food. ("What Causes Hunger") When prices spike out, consumers will switch to a cheaper option which may me non-nutrient. ("What Causes Hunger") This two factors cause food insecurity and malnutrition. ("What Causes Hunger")

War and Conflicts

War and conflicts consistently disturb food production. ("What Causes Hunger") War displaces many people from their homes, many times with no food. ("What Causes Hunger") Soldiers also may treat food as a weapon. They destroy local markets, bomb farms. ("What Causes Hunger")

Poor Road Access

Many communities such as Nunavut are disconnected by road. ("Shenker, Sarah") Due to no road access all food production must be flown in daily. ("Shenker, Sarah") Shipping by flight is really expensive and causes extremely high food prices. ("Shenker, Sarah")

Well, What Can Canada Do

Canada can significantly contribute to bring down hunger. It could do it in a national and international level.

Reduce CO2 Emotions

Global warming and climate change cause many disasters that disturb food production. Canada produces the 9th most co2 in the world! ("Who Emits the Most CO2") Canada and bring down CO2 by...

Using Renewable Sources of Electricity

Charge a Carbon Tax Nationwide

A carbon tax helps your economy grow as seen in BC.

Give Incentives for Using Renewable Sources and and Energy Consumption

Build a Dirt Road to Nunavut

Nunavut has no road access. ("Shenker, Sarah") All fresh produce must be flown in daily. ('Shenker, Sarah") Shipping by trucking is cheaper and produces much less CO2. Dirt roads are cheaper then paved roads and do not harm the ecosystems around it. ("Technology Transfer Center")

Increase Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Many families with a minimum wage cannot afford to buy food. By increasing the minimum wage to $15 food will be more affordable to many more families.

Help Fund Education in Other Countries

Education has many benefits such as

  • Saving children's lives
  • Boosts economic growth
  • Raises Crop Yields
  • Fosters Peace
  • Promotes Girls' and women rights
  • Increases Income
  • Makes People Healthier
  • Increases income
Education not only helps hunger but many other SDG's.

Research on How Plants Can Survive Disasters

Due to global warming and climate change many disasters are occurring that disturb farming. One of the targets for hunger is to make plants survive harsh conditions. Canada could research on that topic. This would alove much more crops to grow in Canada and around the world.

Together we Can Accomplish This Goal