Mrs. Butler's Class News

January 16, 2015


This week in Math we learned about Lattice, estimating, traditional multiplication and extended facts. We also reviewed exponents. You can estimate to the tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands and even more. We also reviewed for our Unit 5 test. On Friday we started to practice division. Thanks for reading

By: Sandra and Brett


This week during Literacy we read a Myth. A Myth is a story that's past on from generation to generation until somebody writes it on paper. In a Myth there are Gods and Goddess's. A God is a boy and a Goddess is a girl. We read three different Myths, one was about how we got night and day. Another was about why we have seasons. Thanks for reading.

By: Mason and Kostas


In Science this week we made our solar cookers. We built them with boxes, tape, straws, etc. Some people used mirrors to make the light cook their marshmallow more. Some people made their boxes tall so that it would be closer to the lamp. Most of our marshmallows got a little crunchy on the outside and a little gooey on the inside. We measured the temperature of our box a few times during the day. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for reading.

By: Jessica and Boston

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Art News

4th Grade Art Room Happenings for 2nd Quarter

Fourth graders were creative in the art room during 2nd quarter. First they learned about the Mexican cultural celebration called Dia de los Muertos. Then they decorated paper sugar skulls with cut and glued paper flowers. Then they got their hands into clay and molded a figure relief inspired by the artist Keith Haring. After that they remembered their warm and cool colors in a painting of three figures also inspired by Keith Haring. They finished up the quarter with different projects related to Op art. Op art is art that tricks the eye by creating an optical illusion. In the middle of this all, they worked on wonderful robot pictures which they all got to happily bring home. Keep working hard in art 4th graders!