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It's March Madness!!

Are you racking up those extra free jewelry credits yet?? I am counting down the days until we can order those bags & am really pushing to get my Summer Collection (& have some leftover for fall) for free! I love how our company rewards us for literally just doing our job! Haven't gotten started yet? No worries--remember trunk shows are easy breezy--there is still time!


Early Bird Registration Closes March 31st!

If you plan on attending Hoopla(looks like we will have a great group this year--Whitney & I will be happy to have some more members with us this year!) don't forget early bird registration closes March 31st! It is $199, which you get $300 in product credit for attending($200 in product at Hoopla, & $100 credits will be in your acct.) April 1st it increases to $245, and you receive $200 in product. It is not only business changing but FUN! We have one heck of a time--Remember its a tax write off too!

Skill Spotlight

This business isn't hard but it's also not easy. Like anything in life to be the best it requires some training. I wanted to spotlight a skill and I'd encourage you to focus on that skill for the next week. Since we have several new stylists, I wanted to focus on Hostess Coaching. Once you book a show--what do you do next? COACH! Without hostess coaching you run a big risk of your show being a flop. Hostess coaching will make you feel confident as well as your hostess. I encourage you to follow the 2-call system in your stylist guide. Also be sure to time block hostess coaching into your schedule. For me I find doing it on Sunday evenings is best. Follow the 2 call system in your stylist guide & you're good to go. Be sure to build her wishlist & excitement, help her brainstorm her guest list & discuss invitations, KISS(keep it simple & stylish) & plant the sponsoring seed. Ok now go hostess coach!

Ashley Stork, Star Stylist & Leader with Stella & Dot

Your fearless leader here! If you need anything--schedule a coaching call, advise, assistance, you know where you find me :) Keep working hard to be the best you can be! Remember your business, your goals, your pace, your way!



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