How to use the metric system.

Colin M. Tillery

What is 'SI'? What does it stand for? History of SI?

It includes weights, measures, metric, and non-metric systems. It stands for the International System of Units. Archives de la République in June 22 1799 created the first step in the SI.

Why are SI unit and metric system so useful and important.

  • They are useful and important because almost every scientist use the SI system.
  • It is the major units used in almost every country
  • it is taught in about every country

what are the SI base units and abbreviations for length, volume, mass, temperature, and time.

  • length-meters-m
  • volume- liter-l
  • mass- gram- g
  • temperature- kelvin- k
  • time- second- s

What is the metric unit stair step?

  • It is a way for converting metric units to other units
  • Also it is used by most students
  • In my opinion it is the easiest way to convert.
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This picture shows the SI unit stair step, used commonly among students.

Create an acronym for the stair step to help your reader remember the order.

  • Kenny
  • Has
  • Donuts
  • But
  • doesn't
  • carry
  • donuts

How to go from something smaller to larger

  • When you go from a small number to a large number you move the decimal to the left.
  • example- 12.07 cm= .1207 m
  • example- 170.37mm= .17037m

How to go from something larger to something smaller

  • When you go from a large number to a smaller number you move the decimal to the right.
  • example- 12.07km= 12070 m
  • example- 145.9cm= 1459mm

8 example using the stair step method

  • 12.57g= .1257hg <--------
  • 177.5mm= 17.75cm <-------
  • 1.35hg= .135kg <-------
  • -------> 7.7kg= 77hg
  • ---------> 97.67cm= 976.7mm
  • -----------> 10.12m= 1012cm


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concluding statement

If you ever can't figure out how to convert decimals use the stair step process.
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