My Summer Plans

By: Shalee Bradley

Volleyball Camps

I'm going to about 5 or so volleyball camps this summer. I'm going to a Hastings, a couple of Kearney camps, and I think I'm think I;m going to a Omaha one.

Summer Weights

I'm doing weights this summer so I can get stronger and become a better athlete. I'm also doing them because I want to do volleyball and the weights count as some of our tryouts for the team.


I will probably go swimming with my cousins and maybe some friends this summer. I'm planning on going swimming this summer because everyone likes to swim.


I'm doing softball again this year because I love playing softball. The only thing that stinks is we start having games the week I'm in Washington.

Trip to Washington D.C.

I'm really excited to go on our trip to Washington D.C. this year. I have been looking forward to it for this whole year. I think that it's going to be a cool experience.

The Lake

I really hope that we go up to the lake more this year. I love going up there and just relaxing and having fun with my friends. I love that we can just get away from the drama that's happening here because you really don't get good reception down there.


I really hope that I get to babysit a lot this summer. One I love kids and I love watching them because there really fun to be around. Two is you could make a lot of money.


This summer I really want to watch some of the movies that come out like Pitch Perfect 2, Max, and lot more movies.