By: Paula and Sara

Fact #1

The characters in Fable are static character which means they do not change.

Fact #2

The fables story is short that teaches a lesson using talking animals or mythical creatures.

Fact #3

Fable end with a short moral lesson.

Fact #4

Most of the characters of fables are alive objects or animals that are represented with human interests and passions.

Fact #5

It makes fun of a human being. The George Owell, Animal Farm how first they wanted everyone to be equal, then pigs is the smartest that took leadership because they were the best. But the animals rebelled against the pigs and they lost.

Fact #6

Fables are unreal stories.

Fact #7

They just learn a valuable lesson that does not change their standpoint.

Fact #8

They are the ones that often come to mind first are fables by Aesop. Aesop was a slave in Ancient Greece who was accused of stealing and was sentence to be thrown off a cliff. Before he dies he said "You may kill me, but my death will bring you a great misfortune. Afterward the Delphians suffered pestilence which is their plants were eaten by bugs and they starved to death.