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Santa Susanna Villas

Santa Susanna is one of the newest and prettiest resort towns to offer great facilities for tourists to Costa Brava and the Maresme region. This former quiet little rural retreat is now becoming very popular among tourists, especially family groups. The big advantage with Santa Susanna is that it is specially designed to accommodate such a segment of visitors – it has the Family Tourism brand which is awarded by Catalunya which offers the best facilities to even the youngest in the group in public spaces, with many complementary offers.

Santa Susanna is a designated Family Tourist Destination (DTF) and offers a sensitive and caring approach to tourists who are on vacation with their families – there are specialized services which are guaranteed for such groups, with particular emphasis on safety, cleanliness and hygiene, a wider range of entertainment and activities for children, with good information and guidance easily available and also easy access to on-call medical and pharmacy facilities.

Hence it's a good idea for those traveling with families to look for the DTF logo or sign on their villas since this means that this location has been awarded the certificate of being suitable for families. This sign ensures that the villa offers certain services which include kids' club on the beach, supervised play area and baby-sitting, active/passive safety features, hazard alerts, child-friendly access, toilets and furniture, connected rooms in the villa, name tags, bibs, access to information and non-skid flooring. Usually the DTF services also give great tips on traveling and sightseeing in Santa Susanna and elsewhere. This town has plenty of children's parks and amusement areas to keep your little ones happy. Some of the beaches also have specially designated Children's Club timings, where your kids can play safely, have sand-castle and foam parties, water-slides, games etc under careful supervision. Pony rides, magic shows, tourist trains, donkey carts, boat trips and theme parks are some of the great attractions for kids.

Santa Susanna is also a designated Sports Tourism Destination and this means if your villa has this logo as well, you get access to high quality sports resources and services.

It's important to check whether your Santa Susanna villa is suitable for family groups only if you're traveling as a group of youngsters or friends, since some villas do not allow such groups. Many villas are also particular about not allowing pets, outside food, alcohol or smoking.

A villa rental in Santa Susanna is ideal for family groups, those traveling with kids and also other large groups of friends.

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