Librology Notes

Library & Technology at Fletcher Elementary!

Destiny: A Library Catalog to Support Active Student Learning!

A new addition to the FES Library is the Destiny catalog system! In the Destiny catalog, students - educators - can search for books in our library, read summaries and reviews of books in TitlePeek, and add titles of books they want to read to "My List."

Destiny Quest is a free app for the iPad and is the mobile version of the Destiny catalog. Access to Destiny is also at the "Library Catalog" link on the Library page on our FES website! See Emily in the library if you have any questions!

Resources to support Digital Storytelling and meet Common Core Standards

Students and educators can use digital storytelling to creatively share their knowledge. Kathy Schrock's Digital Storytelling page is a resource with ideas, tools, research and great examples of how Digital Storytelling can be used in the classroom.

November 13, 2014