WANTED: Hydrogen

Dangerous explosive gas on the loose!!!

Wanted for

Hydrogen is being used in fracking operations and as an eco friendly alternative fuel for cars instead of gasoline.


No known aliases as of this moment in time but the crime is still under investigation.


Hydrogen is a gascious, clear, non-metal. Its atomic number is 1 and the atomic mass is 1.00794.


A hydrogen atom contains 1 proton, one nuetron, and 1 electron.

First Arresting Officer

Henry Cavendish discovered hydrogen. He was a british natural philosopher who lived from Oct 10, 1731 - Feb 24, 1810.

Report of first arrest

Hydrogen was discovered in the year 1766. Cavendish discovered the gas from a certain metal-acid experiment that he performed.

Last seen

Hydrogen is found on the top left of the periodic table. It is not classified as an alkali metal though, in fact, it doesn't belong to any family at all.

Known Associates

Hydrogen is most comonly known to react with oxygen to form water. The chemical equation of water is H2O.


Hydrogen is generally stable but is highly combustable if heated to 500 celsius.