By: Vanessa Sierra 4th

What is your movement?

Utopian. This means that this was a group that wanted change by making it an ideal or perfect society. Also would separate themselves from corrupting influence of the larger society.

Who started the movement?

Thomas More

Why did Utopians need to be reformed? What problems existed?

Why Utopians needed to be reformed was because they had different process for example "wildly with different models of government, marriage, labor and wealth". Problems that existed were poor economies and factionalism dividing the societies, couldn't choose the job they wanted, and resources were divided evenly.

What were the changes made after reforms took place?

Seeing this is an unique topic it cannot be conform the changes the Utopians made after the reforms took place.

Important Individuals?

  • Thomas More: Was respected by a lot of people as a Catholics, Was an English Lawyer.
  • Priest & Preachers

Important Points.

  • Utopian societies in which all aspects of people's lives could be governed by their faith.
  • Utopias were originally created for religious purposes.
  • Most Utopians settled up in the north.