Modern Day Slavery

What is it

Sex Slavery

Sex Slavery is the slavery of people who are sexually exploited and forced into prostitution, stripping, and pornography. Sex trafficking is a type of sex slavery where people recruit, transport, transfer, harbor, by coercive or abusive means for the use of sexual exploitation.
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Who is affected

Victims of sex slavery or sex trafficking are mostly women and children. Sexual exploitation accounts for about 80% of the detected cases of modern slavery. Women and children are targeted more often than men because they are considered more vulnerable and are easier to target. In some parts of the world child prostitution is tolerated or ignored by the police if the child is above the age of 12 if they refuse to to file a complaint.

How to help

To help sex trafficking victims you could go to which is an organization is DC that brings in girls that were victims of sex trafficking and give them legal help, food, shelter, and a caring environment where the victims can feels safe. If you know someone who you think could be in danger please call their 24/7 crisis hotline 1-855-900-FAIR.