Al Capone

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On January 17th, 1899 Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York. When Capone was growing up, he lived in very rough parts of town. He was involved in two kid gangs the "Brooklyn Rippers", and the "Forty Thieves Junior." Capone dropped out of school at the age of 14, Capone began working for people involved in organized crime jobs included, being a bouncer, bartender, store clerk..etc. Al Capone was imprisoned in Alcatraz for some time. After being released he died a few years later of Paresis, on January 25th, 1947.

Impacts/Jobs in 1920.

  • Capone went back to work with a man named John Torrio, Yale's old mentor. Capone quickly jumped into a respectable position with John and became his "Second Man" Capone then became a full partner in saloons, gambling houses, speakeasys' and many more mob ran businesses.
  • Torrio was shot by rival gang members and left his position to Capone. Capone became the man in charge, and was nicknamed "The Big Fellow". Capone began to own nightclubs, speakeasys', race tracks, horse tracks and other big names. Capone was making an income of around $100,000,000 a year.
  • Capone made various impacts on the 1920's decade by owning speakeasys' and gambling houses. When prohibition hit, everyone wanted to drink, which led to speakeasys', which led to organized crime, which led to Capone's reign. Owning speakeasys' was against the law, because you sold alcohol. Organized Crime later was founded because of this, making Capone one of the fathers of it.
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