The Canis Major

Bessie Smith scares off KKK members!

Bessie Smith shows true courage when her show was nearly sabotaged by Klu Klux Klan members who attempted to take out the stakes that were holding up the tent. People say that she went outside of her tent when someone alerted her of what they were doing and told them to get out.

Louis Armstrong is changing history!

Louis Armstrong could be our first ever African American Famous Jazz musician! Jazz lovers are a huge fan of his music because it has truly captures the true concept of jazz. From songs featuring his amazing skills to solos that are just as wonderful, no wonder why he is famous. One of his recent activity is showcased in the Broadway musical, "Good Day". Louis Armstrong is truly changing history!


Duke Ellington, changed the world by showing the world what jazz really was.Duke Ellington had a band named “The Washingtonians”. There band was creative and outstanding one of the greatest band in jazz history.Duke Ellington's band was so outstanding it grabbed the interest of Irving Mills.