The Pacific States

By Nate Carraway and Jacob Flores

California, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon

Some of the Physical and Human Characteristics are:

Some of the human characteristics are pollution. People burn so much fossil fuels every day, that smog forms. It's so bad sometimes that people have to stay indoors to stay safe. Some of the physical characteristics are the locations of the places. For Example: They are located next to the Rocky Mountains, California is located on a fault line and is part of a desert. Hawaii is an island with a very active volcano.

Human Enviorment Interaction

People polluted California by burning fossil fuels and people have to stay indoors sometimes because the pollution got so bad. People polluted one of the islands of Hawaii, and formed bog (volcanic ash and smog mixed together) which can kill you if it gets really bad.


All of the pacific states are located next to the San Andreas Fault line and are next to the Pacific Ocean. They are located next to the Rocky Mountains and are located toward the west. Washington and Alaska have a very cold climate and have lots of forest.


The Pacific States try to keep peace in their cities. They try to keep conflict away from human societies. Like trying to keep trade boundaries from suspending political boundaries. They also try to keep peace within each other.


  • in the context of diplomatic or consular relations;
  • by international organisations;
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