Perch Dissection Lab

By: Kristophe Zephyrin Mitcham P2


observe the placement of organisms in a Perch

Background info

  • Perca fluviatilis
  • Perch are freshwater fish
  • perch can be carnivorous or they can eat water plants
  • Perch are preyed on by humans, bears, birds, and many more animals

Interesting facts

  • There are more than 6,000 species of perch
  • they are found almost everywhere in the world
  • one of the largest family of fishes in America.
  • Perch spawn in April and may
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circulatory system of a perch

  • Single loop system
  • blood passes through the gills to become oxygenated.
  • fish move to maintain blood pressure
  • heart- circulates blood
  • Ventral aorta- carries blood through heart to gills and head
  • gills- put oxygen into blood
  • dorsal aorta- carries blood to rest of body
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human influence

  • Perch is a game fish that is hunted in Many places
  • Perch is also an animal that is farmed
  • perch can hold many parasites so it is best to cook thoroughly
  • Perch are an invasive species
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