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McKissick Academy of Science and Technology

October 22, 2022

Happy weekend!

We had an eventful week with our 2nd graders testing all week for the COGAT and IOWA. They worked extremely hard so we are very proud of them! We also had a "celebratory" Friday with our Honor Roll Call and 1st Shark SWAG party! The students could save their 10 SWAG pieces and turn them in to play Shark Games outside. The neat thing about this initiative is some students wanted to collect and save their SWAG for the collection or the larger events in the year which is totally fine too! We hope that this SWAG (Students with Academic Goals) teaches them responsibility and management.

I also wanted to announce to our MAST family that we received our SC School Report Card rating this week. We are proud to announce that we are GOOD which means our school performance exceeds the criteria to ensure all students meet the Profile of the SC Graduate . This hard work is due to the students, teachers, staff, and parents for their perseverance through some of the hardest times in school! After diving deeper, we also went up 5 points from our last report card in 2019 before the COVID closure! This is a testament from our students, teachers, and families to ensure that all students will grow while they are in school! Thank you for your continued partnership to see all students succeed at MAST!

Committed to Success,

Heather Touchberry

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Beta Club Food Drive

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MAST Fundraisers

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SHARK Spirit Rock

We have a new addition this year to our school! It's a spirit rock to be rented out by families to celebrate their student! The guidelines and sign up link is below. All proceeds will help fund our field trips this year!

Family Engagement Opportunities

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Title I Newsletter

Click here to access our 2022-2023 Title I Newsletter. Here you will find information about what Title I is and requirements for funding, family involvement at MAST, and the Title I budget for the school year.

Media Center Maker Space

Our Library/Coding Corner is in need of materials to fill their Maker Space for students. If you have any of the following items, please send them in. Thank you in advance for your donations!

~Paper towel, toilet paper, and gift wrap cardboard tubes

~Shoe boxes

~Yarn and string

~Duct tape

~popsicle sticks

~plastic lids of all colors and sizes (from water bottles, milk cartons, Gatorade, etc.)

~Milk cartons

~Egg cartons

~Plastic water bottles

Community Opportunities

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STEM Corner - Everyday STEM

MAST's STEM program is represented by our 3 pillars: biomedical, engineering design process, and coding. We strive to incorporate these pillars into all subjects in classrooms through Project-Based Learning, Picture Perfect STEM lessons to integrate reading skills, and CT STEM Pop Up with Clemson University where students participate in exploring data science.

Click here to access 5 STEM at home activities to do with everyday materials!

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