Snow Boarding

clothing and Tricks


Snowboarding is the winter sport that takes place on snowy mountains and hills. Picture this: You are laying on the side of a ramp in the frozen snow. Icy flakes are falling on your head but you won’t feel cold because you dressed properly for weather by following these steps.


First, put on a thermal top and thermal pants that fit tight against skin. Next, put on a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. It will help trap air to keep you warm. Next, comes the coat. I recommend a double layered coat so you can zip off the top layer if the weather warms up. You can wear snow pants, but snow boarding pants are recommended because it is double layered and water proof. Big socks help your feet stay warm. Wool socks are best. Gloves help keep hands from freezing when you fall in the snow. Finally, a thin hat that will fit under a helmet that goes on the head.


Have you ever done a 180? That’s where you turn half way around and then back before landing. An Ollie is where you lift up your front leg first then your back leg as the front lands. It is like a dome. This is the first trick to learn. A more advanced trick is called “faking it.” It is going down the hill backwards. A tail grab is where you jump and grab the back of your board while you are in mid-air.
Without a doubt tricks are hard but the right clothing will keep you warm. I wish that I could go snow boarding right now!

Alexander B