Where is it?

This particular religion is usually practiced and more dominant in throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.
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Diffusion of Islam

Studies show that about 23.4% of the world population consider themselves Islamic today and it is in 2nd place in terms of ranking in number of followers. It appears that this religion is growing and is mostly growing in the areas where its commonly practiced. The religion was spread when Muhammad conquered Mecca and then after he died, they aggressively expanded north. Soldiers also intermixed with people from Iraq and made Islam the family religion.
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Islam is a religion that is pretty much open to anyone and the way to convert is to recite the Shahadah while also conforming to the beliefs or expectations of that religion as best as possible.
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There are a few reasons why people would want to convert to Islam. One reason is that there is little to no racism in the churches. Also it has more direction and discipline and the final reason would be because it can help people get peoples life in order without having to confess sins or seek salvation.
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This religion would be classified as Universalizing due to the fact that anyone can join. You can't be rejected because of skin color, background, or other factors that could normally keep you from being recognized as either being a part of that religion or being recognized as converted to it to other people.
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The origins of the Islam religion came to be after the destined prophet Muhammad's birth. Although he had a simple childhood with his uncle, he didn't become a prophet until he was 40. He visited his favorite cave on Mt.Hira and tells his wife that he has been chosen as a prophet by Allah. He would message all his people to convert to Islam faith instead of the "evil" pagan faith and had received persecution in Mecca along with only a few followers that added up to about 40. The violent persecution continued until he had received great news which was that he gained followers in the city of Yathrib. The city needed a strong leader and wanted him to become their leader. After managing to get to Yathrib, the city was renamed Meedinat al-Nabi which means "City of the Prophet". After being established to Medina a war was waged on his home city. In 624 the Muslims won their first fight against the Meccans and later won and lost other battles but remained victorious. He died in 632 having conquered nearly all of Arabia for Islam
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In the Islam religion they believe that there is only one supreme God known as Allah. They also believe in certain things such as Oneness of Lordship:to believe that there is only one God, Oneness of Worship which means that Allah should be worshipped and obeyed, and Oneness of Allah's Names and Attributes: to believe that Allah is perfect. There are also five Pillars of Islam and six Pillars of Faith.
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Some of the items used to identify this religion can range from the well known Star and Crescent symbol along with the decorated symbol of the name Allah. Mosques are often used as places of worship with different variations and the most sacred place and mosque an Islam is the Kaaba which is cube shaped. Upon death, those that were with the deceased are encouraged to be calm, pray, and prepare for burial. The deceased's eyes should be closed and temporarily covered with a white sheet. Although it is preferred for them to be buried where they died but if available the body can be put into a cemetery set aside for Muslims could also be preferred. Also a well known impact of the religion was the extreme bombings of 9/11 lead by a terrorist group.