Let YOUR Voice Be Heard!

AGCS Call to Action - Summer 2020

Grades 3 -12 Students, Parents, & Staff

It's Time to Move Charter School Funding Forward Together!

While we have all been going through an unprecedented time during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pennsylvania Legislators are now back at work crafting state budgets and education policies that will directly impact your children. Avon Grove Charter School is asking that this summer students, parents and staff members use YOUR VOICE to connect with your legislators.

How Students In Grades 3-12 Can Use Their Voice

Student Engagement with Legislators

All AGCS students are encouraged to contact their legislators that are in charge of budgets & education polices. BrainPop offers educational resources on how the three branches work, how to construct a business letter & how to write to your legislator.

Have your child, watch the three videos below and then use the template to send letters. K-2 students can also include a drawing of why they love AGCS!

Here's how you can find your legislator: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/findyourlegislator/

Brain Pop Videos Login Information (Students in Grades 3rd -12th during 2019-2020)

Directions on how to login to Brain Pop to watch the videos below.

Click on video link below

Click the play button

Select Google Suite for Education

Enter student credentials

Sample Student Letter - Template

How Parents, Staff, & Alumni can use their voice.

Parents, Staff, & Alumni Engagement with Legislators

AGCS parents, staff, and alumni are encouraged to contact the legislators that are in charge of budgets & education polices. Use the "Move Charter School Funding Forward Together" button below to craft a message or use the sample template provided to send your message.

Click button below to send letters today.