The Three Juvinlile Blind Mice

By: Nadia Jones

The Three very idiotic Blind Mouse and His Blind Best Buds

Sometime during one summer, there were three young teenage blind mice. One day these three young blind mice were hanging out together, having a blast and enjoying being young and care free. Untill one moment the youngest mouse out of the three had an idea, a very idiotic idea and said, "Hey guys, wanna have some real fun?", "Sure dude" the two older mice replied. The oldest mouse asked, "So what do you have in mind?" The youngest mouse replied, "Hush and wait, do you smell that?" he asked, the two older mice reply, "yes, what is it?" The youngest mouse replied, "That my friends is the smell of yummy goodness". "Its coming from a house said the oldest." Thats right the youngest said." No, I know what you are thinking youngest mouse and im not doing this again!!!"The middle mouse yelled. "Come on middle mouse!Plead the youngest". "He's right youngest." Replied the Oldest mouse. "Remember the last time when we broke into someones house and try to steal their food? We ended up being blind for the rest of our lives!!!" Yelled the Oldest. "I dont care what happened to us last time, Im still going to go into that house and steal the food that I need in order to survive and if you want to stay here and be a buch of whimps then so be it!! I am still going to do what I always do!!" The two older mice replied, "Fine do whatever you want we wont stop you." The youngest mouse huffed and went on to steal the food from the house with the yummy smell while his two blind buds walked away.

2 WEEKS LATER..........

"Mr. Young Mouse, it is clear that you have been convicted and arrested of a Misdemeanor for attempting to steal food from Giant Human's household and also attempted to bring your friends in on it too." Said the Judge. "These witnesses aka your friends pleaded that you serve less time instead of full time which was 8 years in prison and the petit jury has givin a sudjestion to vote on how much time your sentence is. And your bail is 250,000 dollars. But the Human Female Giant has spoken and said that you entered her home, stole her items (food) and atteptemed to ascape, she grabbed your tail and cut your tail off. Since that has happened you will be recieving less time and medical attention while serving time. Since your indictment was robbery and your in medical condition I and the Grand Jury place the Defendent guilty of all charges and 2 year in prision, this court is ajurned."

There you have it, the youngest blind mouse has been charged with robbery and left tailless and has to spend 2 years in prison for committing a crime, but at least his friends the middle mouse and the oldest mouse walked away while the crime was accuring and are both not convicted for this crime that happened that summer. What will happen to the youngest mouse while he is surving time? Will he learn his lesson, or will he be the same idiot mouse causing and committing crimes?