April Newsletter

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As you receive this newsletter, we as a church are entering Holy Week. You are invited to step

through the gate and follow Jesus on his journey to the cross.

Listen to Maundy Thursday's promises of Jesus very presence in wine and bread coursing in

us and through us as we serve others just as he first served us.

Join us as children from St. Paul's as they receive first communion, joining the faithful in the

gift of Jesus who give all of himself to us, his body, his blood, so we can rest the promise of

everlasting life and forgiveness.

Encounter Good Friday as we live into Jesus’ sacrifice and love as we journey with him to the

cross and to his death.

Experience the Joy of Easter morning and the promise of resurrection which brings life and

forgiveness to the world.

I would like to share some beautiful words by Nancy Clair Pittman as she paints a stunning picture of Easter Morning

“The colorful baskets are prepared, loaded with trinkets, candy, and chocolate bunnies, and

tucked away in a corner of the closet. The plastic and the dyed eggs have been sorted and hidden in age-appropriate levels of difficulty. The new clothes are all laid out on the backs of chairs. The ham sits in the refrigerator between the green bean casserole and the deviled eggs. In the sanctuary the white lilies line the steps of the chancel. The candles wait unlit on the altar. It is Easter morning, before the children have awakened, before the most faithful attenders have arrived for the sunrise service, before the [instruments] have been tuned, the choir warmed up, the baptistery filled. Not a single alleluia has been shouted or chocolate bunny consumed. The congregation has not sung “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today.” In this stillness is found the moment of resurrection. In the dim light before dawn, in the moment before the birds begin to sing, something quiet happens. Unnoticed and unwitnessed by human eyes and ears. Just a stone rolling away from the opening of a cave; a breath of wind stirring in a cemetery. Jesus lives. And with him we live. Alleluia. 1”

May the peace of God, the love of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who brings us hope, rest in your

hearts as you sit in the stillness of God’s grace and Love.

God bless you all!

Pastor Tim

1. Nancy Clair Pittman, https://members.sundaysandseasons.com/Preaching/Index/2023-4-9/0#proclamation


10:30 AM April- July

8:30 AM August - November

8:30 AM December - March

5th Sundays will be alternated at 9 AM with St. Paul's hosting on April 30th

  • April 2nd 10:30AM (time changed For April – June) Palm Sunday Service
  • April 6th 6:30PM Maundy Thursday Service at St. Paul’s Lutheran
  • April 7th 6:30PM Good Friday Service at Bristol Lutheran Church

  • April 9th 10:30AM Easter Sunday Service


The Youth Mission Group will be hosting a freewill offering breakfast on Easter Sunday morning starting at 9am. Please come and support these youth and this fundraiser event for their 2024 mission trip.


The last Thursday (April 27th) of the month Pastor Tim invites you out to breakfast at Route 19 Cafe in Waterloo.

Lilies & Spring Flowers

Sunday April 2nd is your last chance to order from Waterloo Blooms! If you would like to purchase Lilies or Spring Flower for Easter St. Paul's will be ordering from Waterloo Bloom. They are $15 and will be delivered to the church for you. Order forms are on the table in front of the office, please make checks payable to Waterloo Blooms. Any questions please contact Val Silha.

Thank you!!

A special thank you to all the musicians that played for our Lenten Services! You all did such an amazing job and your music was enjoyed by everyone!

Elizabeth Converse

Pastor Bob Moberg

Lynn Moberg

Jill Oelke

Cyndi Voeck

Linda Campbell

Emma Thorpe

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4/2 Traci Beyer

4/3 Michael Lewellin

4/4 Aaron Hansen

4/5 Brandee Haberman

4/7 Ellie Lenius

4/9 Kevin Zastrow

4/13 Kimberly Weber

4/15 Kurt Baumgartner

4/16 Darin Meyer

4/17 Savannah Berry

4/18 Telford Anderson

4/18 Rylee Duessler

4/19 Peggy Woerpel

4/20 Rachelle Braunschweig

4/20 Keegan Lauersdorf

4/22 Nicole Duessler

4/23 Brooke Lauersdorf

4/24 Madison Galston

4/24 Rob Rowbotham

4/24 Lyndon Schroeder

4/25 Leslie Kidd

4/27 Dawson Hahn

4/27 Linda Reedy

4/27 Ruby Abendroth


April 8th: Ham or Grilled Chicken

May 13th: Grilled Pork Chop

Weekly Broadcast Schedule

Sunday services are available weekly on Charter/Spectrum Cable Channel 992.

Past services can be viewed through our YouTube Channel.

Weekly Broadcast Schedule

Mondays - 8:30 AM

Tuesdays - 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM

Wednesday - 7:00 PM

Thursdays - 12:00 PM

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