EPSD Teacher Spotlight

Carly Keating - 8th grade Math

Lighting Up Learning in 8th Grade Math!

Ms. Keating's 8th grade math students participated in an escape room to prep for an upcoming assessment on solving inequalities. Using a blacklight to show the the problem, students collaborated to solve inequalities at seven different stations, collecting codes as they went. They then entered codes into a google form, persevered and reworked the problems if their answers were incorrect, and finally "escaped" to a photo booth in the hallway, where they recorded their success with a team picture.

Ms. Keating encourages students to challenge themselves and employ a growth mindset when pursuing mastery of math targets.

She is constantly striving for continuous improvement in both her practice and her students' learning. The Global Outcomes are embedded in her learning targets for the day, and students are learning to collaborate, problem-solve, commnunicate and think creatively while learning math.

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