Information for 2013-14

*some items may be new*

Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons

My goal is to visit with all the classrooms; however, I know that is not required that I be in the classroom. Regardless, if you do in fact want to sign up for a lesson, there will be a calendar located in the work room in which you can sign up for a time. As you look at the Year at a Glance Calendar, you will notice that each month is assigned a Character Trait. When you sign up, this will be the topic that it covered, unless you specify a certain issue you would like me to address.

**NEW** If you would like a permanent standing lesson, please feel free to indicate this on the Needs Assessment I’ll be sending out at the end of September. This helps both of us have a consistent schedule. =]

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Got a Minute?

I would like to schedule “Minute Meetings” with all of the students in your classrooms. The purpose of the "Minute Meetings" is to give all students the opportunity to check-in with me. This will help me address student needs and get to know the student population.

Sounds crazy right? That is 700 kids, give or take. I hope that you will help me with this endeavor.

My plan is to pull a chair into the hallway and meet with students using your class list. I will pull students one-by-one. I will have each student send the next person out when their check-in is over. I would like to keep these to a minute, but I imagine that will be quite difficult. In order to have enough time with each student I would like to schedule a 45 min to hour block with each class. In order to schedule these, I would like to meet with your class at least 2x a year. I will be doing so in October and in February. Please sign up via the calendar in the work room and simply putting an “M” next to your name so that I know it’s for the meeting minutes, not a lesson.

*An e-mail reminder will be sent out when the time comes*

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Small Group and Individual Counseling

Small Groups

Various groups will be developed and offered throughout the school year as needed. These groups will be created based on the Needs Assessment teachers complete at the end of September ( The "Meeting Minutes" I conduct will also give me an idea of student needs.

*Information on small groups will be e-mailed as they are created. Your feedback is essential*

Individual Counseling

My door is always open to talk to students individually about their educational, personal, and social concerns. There are many reasons students may seek a counselor at school. These reasons could have a direct impact on a child’s ability to focus and learn. My goal is to provide a safe and confidential environment for each and every student.

Students may visit the Counselor’s office before or after school, or during the school day with permission from their teacher. If I am not available, students may leave a message with Mrs. Fields.

*Teachers, please also use the online referral system (