Baylor University

By: Leroy Duran

General Information

The college I'm interested in attending is Baylor University, located in Waco, Texas. There is a total population of 16,879 students, with 10,154 of them being women and 6,725 being men. Baylor University was founded in 1845 by Robert Emmett Bledsoe Baylor. It is currently listed as a private school and is a Baptist/Christian University.

Tuition cost, cost of room and board & Favorite dorm

Tuition cost:

The tuition cost for attending Baylor is $49,948 in-state and out-of-state.

  • Are there any scholarships the University offers to help with the tuition cost?

Yes, there are several scholarships to help with tuition cost including the Regerts Gold, Presidents Gold, Federal Work Study, and University Work Study.

Room and board cost:

A room and board have a total cost of $11,606.

  • What is your favorite dorm on campus? why?

North Russell Hall would be my top pick for a dorm at Baylor. It is made up of mostly first year students so you will meet people who are in the same boat as you. No one really knows or feels like they have experience over another student and also new students learn from each other.

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Student Activities/Sports/Greek Life on Campus

Student Activities available:

Greek Life, Leadership, Community, Education, Faith, etc.

  • What is a student activity you're interested in joining, and why?

Community life, it offers a variety of activities that bond students in activities from sports, to things as silly as bed races.

Healthcare Major Information

What healthcare-related majors are offered?

Athletic Training, Public Health, Exercise Physiology, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Medical/Dental, and Health Professionals

  • Which one are you interested in?


  • Is there a secondary application to be admitted to?

Yes, Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry

  • What are the requirements for that application?

You will have to create an account on the TAMHSC Admissions Processing Portal website to submit primary application & Resident must apply through the TMDSAS (Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service)

  • How many Students are accepted into the program?

69%, for every 100 applicants, 69 are admitted

  • Are students accepted yearly or each semester?

Students are accepted yearly

  • Is the program located on the main campus or a satellite campus?

It is located on a satellite campus- 3302 Gaston Ave. Dallas, Tx

  • What courses are required in the degree plan and what will you learn?

Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Chemistry, English, Psychology, Sociology, and Communications.

  • What type of degree is awarded upon completion (ex. BA, BS)?

A Bachelors in Dental Hygiene is awarded

  • Would your chosen major/career require additional schooling after this degree is awarded? If so, what do you need to do to continue with this schooling?

Additional schooling is not required for this major, but it is offered.

Admission Requirements

To apply to Baylor University you will need to submit all applications along with High school transcriptions and ACT or SAT scores no later than November 1. The GPA requirements for Baylor range from a minimum of a 3.65 and higher. Your scores on the ACT or SAT need to be at an average of 1210 for SAT and a 27 for the ACT. Application deadlines are on November 1st of senior year for early and single choice and on February 1st for regular admission. Students are accepted yearly at Baylor. There are not other requirements for admission but a resume and a letter of recommendation is recommended; short, definite answers to questions like, "why do you want to go to Baylor?".

Personal Reflection

What is it about this college that interests you?

The dentistry program that is offered here is one reason why I would like to attend Baylor. The fact that Baylor is close to my home town also increases my interest because my commute would be shorter. The college provides leading-edge technology and efficient ways to deliver care. Baylor University is also internationally known to have a reputation for educational excellence as well as having a low tuition cost for a private school. Up to 90% of Baylor undergraduates receive some form of financial aid from a wide range of sources.

What obstacles do you foresee that could make it difficult for you to attend this college?

Although I would love to attend Baylor University, there are some obstacles that could hold me back. One obstacle would be the cost to attend. Even though this school has a low tuition cost for a private school, without any scholarships earned/awarded it would be pretty hard to pay it all off. A second obstacle that may present a challenge in getting accepted to Baylor would be the average score needed on the SAT. Baylor requires that the student have an average score of around a 1210 on the SAT.

After doing more research on this college, are you more or less interested in attending?

With all the research I have collected about Baylor University, I am more interested in attending now than I was before. The main reason is because it offers a major in a career I have always wanted to be in, which is dentistry. Not only do they offer dentistry type programs but also many other healthcare-related majors/career paths that if I choose to not become a dentist, I can still select from a variety of other medical options. Another factor that has made me more interested in going to Baylor University, is its many offers related to scholarships to help with the financial part in attending. To me this is big because it can really save me a lot of money.

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