ANIMAL TRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The job for you!!!!!

What and why we do it!!!

     Animal trainers do a lot of wonder ful things for the zoo. They are the ones who take care of thr animals when they are sick or need attentionj. When they need to be fed or to be trained they are the ones to do it. If you want ot be an animal trainer then you will have to graduate highschool or a GPA. So if you want to be one of them then contact us!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be a role model to your animal!!!

More Facts!!!!


     There are many personalitys and skills for this job. You will have to be sweet, kind, and calm. I f you don't have these things then you can't have the jobss. One of the most things you need is you have to noitice the problems that the animals have. These are just some things you need. Don't you guys worry, oi didn't forget the money. On average you would recive 25,980 dollars. You could also be the animalo veteranarian.