Monthly Awareness

May: Mental Health Awareness

Monthly Awareness

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Each month our Academy has a Monthly Awareness topic that we discuss. We provide information on how to live a healthier lifestyle to our colleagues and students. I will be sending this information to parents/guardians monthly as well. I would like to follow up with my students and parents/guardians to find out how many families have looked over the information, and have taken the steps to lead a healthier lifestyle! If you could please sit down with your son/daughter and answer the following questions explaining what your family has done for this month, I would love to hear about it! It can be as simple as a conversation your family had about this information.

Navigate through the website below:

This Month’s Awareness: Mental Health

Extra Credit Option

After you view the website and discuss the topic with your family, please answer the following questions:

1. As you and your family glance through the website, what topics interest you?

2. Has this topic affected your family in anyway?

3. What lifestyle changes can you and your family make to improve your health?

Please turn in a hard copy of this information along with your parent/guardian's signature.